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GynecomastiaGynecomastia occurs in men whom develop abnormally large male mammary glands. There is a breast enlargement taking place which, in some cases, can also cause a secretion of milk. It can also affect both breasts or just one at a time. The term is a derivative of the Greek word gyne which means "woman" and mastos which means "breast". The condition can form in elderly men, in men during adolescence or physiologically during neonates when female hormones may be given to him through his mother whilst still in the womb. Adolescent boys can become quite distressed with the formation of breasts. However, boys with pubertal gynecomastia that is not from being over weight usually experience shrinkage in breast size (or even total remission) within a few years or so. Amazingly, this condition appears in roughly 40% to 60% of males and adolescent boys within their lifetime. And because of itís unsightly look, being afflicted with gynecomastia may lead to both low self esteem issues and depression in many adolescents and adult men whom have become highly sensitive about their physical appearance.

It remains quite unclear as to why gynocomastia happens in the first place, although generally attributed to sex hormone imbalances or your tissues response to them. And root causes are rarely determined in most individual cases. Prominence of breasts may be a result of hypertrophy of your skin, breast tissue or adipose tissue and is usually a combination of such complications. Excessive adipose alone can cause the prominence of male breasts and is usually known as pseudogynecomastia or lipomastia.

Just remember that your conditions may improve greatly when treating your underlying cause of gynecomastia. Remember to discuss with your primary healthcare provider about revising or changing any medications you currently are taking which may in fact cause gynecomastia. Certain alternative medications have been found that treat your primary condition while avoiding the side effects of gynecomastia. Using a class of medications such as selective estrogen receptor modulators are viable treatment options, although not approved universally to treat gynecomastia. They include Tamoxifen, androgens, clomiphene or aromatase inhibitors like Letrozole. Within your first 2-3 years of having gynecomastia, undertaking Endocrinological attention might help as well. However, after that 2-3 year window of time has passed, breast tissue will begin to harden and remain leaving either gland excision, liposuction, reduction mammoplasty or skin sculpturing as your only remaining treatment options. And seeing as how it is dubbed a cosmetic surgery procedure, the majority of U.S. insurance companies will deny you any coverage for gynecomastia surgery and treatment. Radiation therapy can also be used to prevent the formation of gynecomastia in prostate cancer patients prior to receiving estrogen therapy. Using compression garments to bring stability to moving, bouncing tissues and as a way to camouflage deformities of the chest area can provide emotional relief to many men who seek it so desperately.

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